The Singapore Memories – Documenting Our Stories Together initiative is a call to the public to document our stories together. You can contribute images, social media accounts, soundscape, audio, and video clips to help enrich the national collection or improve access. 

As custodians of Singapore’s collective memory, the National Library Board, Singapore (NLB) offers a wealth of resources on the nation’s documentary and published heritage.  Everyone can help fellow Singaporeans understand various aspects of Singapore and its place in the world as well as improve access to our collections by describing, transcribing, translating, and transliterating the materials in our collections. NLB aims to be the custodian of materials of the past, present, and for the future. This platform is for individuals, communities, and partners to contribute as well as participate in growing Singapore stories, and collections.

NLB also invites communities and organisations to partner with us. We want to work closely with you to grow our Singapore Collections and inspire generations of Singapore Storytellers! Ride on NLB’s crowdsourcing infrastructure to conduct your own public calls for contributions or collaborate with NLB through joint crowdsourcing efforts for various themes.